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Thread: work experience for 19 year old Son

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    work experience for 19 year old Son

    Hi. I am looking for a few weeks work experience for my son. He is interested in doing a game keepers course and the college have suggested some work experience. Recognise it will be unpaid. He has a car and is mobile but Perthshire or Stirlingshire would be ideal. He has worked with Horses before and is not a bad shot. Also has basic forge work skills if of interest. 19 years old. Thanks

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    Why not enquire about a seasonal Ghillie role through the summer on the Stags? That would be great experience for him until September when Colleges start.


    I know there are definitely more Estates which are looking at the moment....

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    Would he be interested in beating on a large grouse moor, 45 per day when beating with possible extra work on off days. Accommodation is provided

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