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Thread: .270 Rounds WHATS BEST for sako stainless hunter

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    .270 Rounds WHATS BEST for sako stainless hunter

    Having just bought a sako 85 .270 stainless hunter I was wondering where do i start with factory rounds.
    Whats do you guys think is best factory round for my sako and why?
    I know i will have t go through a few to find what is best for my rifle but need some where to start, I would love to have a round developed for my rifle but this sounds expensive? And i do not know where to go to get this done.

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    Of all the endless brands of factory .270 ammunition I've tried, the best (i.e. most accurate at around 1/2 MOA at 100 yards) have been Remington 130gn CoreLokt SPs and Winchester 130gn Super-X SilverTips. Oddly, the really expensive Federal premium rounds were poor in comparison. Sako 156gn Powerheads are good too but drop heavily past 200 yards.

    Mike Norris of Brock & Norris in Shropshire does very good load development - allow at least an hour if you phone him and several more if you visit in person . It's around £200 for a developed load and about 80p a round if he does further reloading for you.

    I load for three different .270 at the moment, so feel free to PM me if you want any load data to get you started.



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    I like Norma 110g V-maxs for small deer and the Winchester silver tips 130g for sika and fallow.

    You'd be better off sticking to a 130g for everything.

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    Every rifle is different.

    Some ammo will suit some rifles and not others, same manufacturer of rifles included.

    Homeloading - Dont use anyone elses loads, your rifle will require its own load, it may want a different powder, different bullet etc etc.


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    Best factory round in my 75 .270 was Federal premium vital shock 130grn sierra gameking BTSP.

    Federal premium also do 130grn Barnes TSX and 130grn Nosler BT in .270.
    Another one I would try would be the 110grain Barnes tsx tipped.


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    Regards factory ammo I found Federal sierra gameking vital shock 150gr BTSP to be the best for my .270 sako 75.

    Jingzy has it the nail on the head all rifles are different so try different brands and weights and see what suits you best.

    If you go down the home loading front then you will find the right round for the rifle and buy the time you have paid someone to find one for you, you could have kitted yourself out with a home loading set up.

    When you have the ammo you want buy all the same batch number.

    But itís up to you.


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    Thanks guys for all the info, Please keep it comming, If i got into home loads whats a good kit to buy and where would i get it from? And should a novice get into home loads.

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    Tayfix, everyone starts off as a novice, just take some pointers from those who have already made the mistakes!

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    Have a go at the Norma .270 130 grain.

    I use them on Red, Sika etc and i've not had a problem with the Sako 85 since moving to them from Federal.

    My 85 didnt like the federal with mixed and inconsistant grouping!

    I also use Norma .243 100 grain in the sako 75 and it does the job although exit holes tend to be a bit larger on roe then i would like at times.

    Give them ago

    Robbo 25

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    As already pointed out...the best thing you can do is try as many different brands and weights of factory round through your rifle as you can, and when you find one that works buy as many boxes of the same batch as you can. In the .270 bullet weight is not too much of an issue providing you are limiting yourself to a respectable (200 yards max) range. All weights will do a good job on all species, and the meat damage should not be an issue.
    I have found that 130 grain federal classic have always been a good starting point and have shot well through all 4 of the .270 rifles that i have had 2 of which were Sako's. As previous stated in several replies....each rifle is different so what works well in one may not in another...and that applies to rifles of the same batch too!
    For the record...i have a tikka .270. which shoots exceptionally well with Norma 110 V-max factory loads and also the afore mentioned 130 Federal classic softpoints. I do homeload.....and i now generally use 110 grain bullets...either sierra soft points or hornady V-max.

    Good luck with it!


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