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Thread: No fridge?

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    No fridge?

    Dumb question perhaps, what do you do with deer carcasses if you don't have access to a chill room or large fridge? I came home rather late with a roebuck, that I'm planning on butchering tomorrow. For want of anything better I've hung it up wrapped in cotton to keep the flies off and let it get some air, but the temperature tonight is about 13 degrees. Too hot? It's only for my own consumption.

    Is there something else I should have done instead? Or is this an okay solution?

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    I have personally kept boned meat at or below freezing for a week in the absence of electricity as follows.

    layer of ice covered with salt - then meat in ziplock bags - then more ice and salt - repeating until ice chest is full. You will need to open the drain valve on the first day, as well as adding more ice and salt until the meat temp has dropped. After that first day do not open the chest more than once a day.

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    Hi Tartan,
    as long as you butcher the carcass the next day ,I can't see a problem . You could make yourself a meat safe (fine mesh box excludes flies ) and place it in a cool place.


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    I don't shoot anything these days without access to my chiller which was down for two weeks ,I didn't go stalking for two weeks ,wouldn't be so bad if I shot a beast in the am with time to butcher or get to the butcher but at 11 pm at night and work the next day I wouldn't have the time .My small chiller was 132 to repair but it was money well spent wouldn't be without one especially in spring and summer .Norma

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    Before i had a chiller i would use an old duvet to cover the deer when hanging in the garage and butcher next day, only to eat myself and never had a problem.

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    I had a roe in the car packed with 5 or 6 bags of ice I picked up from the supermarket on the way home
    Had to as I wasn't going straight home

    despite the car being very hot the boot compartment was very cold and the ice lasted longer than required.

    I have also hung one in the shed in summer with the chest cavity full of ice bags.
    some water leaks down through the neck but not enough to worry

    a simple fan is enough to keep any flies off and drop an otherwise high temp down considerably

    to put that in perspective they make biltong in hot climates by doing exactly that for long periods on thinner strips

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    I often come back late, and just hang the carcasses on hooks on the side of the house, inside a fly net. Only leave them over night, and butcher in the morning.

    At various times, I've hung a carcasse on a fence, exposed to a strong breeze; in a wood shed; or left it in the carcasse tray with an ice bag in the chest cavity.

    Obviously none of these are 'best practice', and all were destined for personal consumption.

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    Not ideal but you can make a jungle fridge using hessian and water. heat evaporates the water making it colder inside basically. Google it and yes it works.

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    Usual scenario, away for the weekend.... Friday to Sunday.

    It's Friday evening, late June and it's been 20degrees all day but just starting to cool as the sun sets. You spot a buck along a ride in a perfect broadside position but the weather forecast for the rest of the weekend is even warmer....
    What do you do?

    Leave the buck and hope it presents itself again on Saturday evening or Sunday morning?
    Shoot it, wrap it and hang it in the shade for 2 days and hope the flies don't get to it?
    Shoot it and abandon the rest of the weekend making it your priority to get it in the fridge?

    First stalk of a weekend I'm always reluctant to shoot anything for this reason but it's sod's law that's when most deer are spotted.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    I've been out in the morning and shot a muntjac then used half filled 2ltr plastic bottles of water frozen and placed those in the cavity and around the carcass to keep it cool in the boot of my car while at work. The bottles have remained frozen all day and the carcass laid on a wire rack in the tray to allow blood to drain through. It was perfectly chilled then transferred into the fridge when I got home to hang correctly.

    I would imagine if you used the bottles in the cavity covered in net it would stay cool for a good while and also prevent water dripping when it thaws out?!

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