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Thread: does size matter

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    does size matter

    I have recently got a. 22 hornet and am undecided if i need a new mod. I have a atec cmm4 rimfire which the manufactor says is ok for hornet and a .30 cal cmm4.
    The rimfire mod was very hot after ten shots taken at a steady pace and i think it will burn out fairly quickly so will there bee a noticable increase in muzzle report if i use the. 30 cal version.
    i like the look of the new aimsport mods but i dont have the funds for another mod yet

    Regards pete

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    How often will you take 10 rapid shots in the field ?
    Mine wears a Pess Rimfire mod with no problems at all, but it is a stainless steel one.
    It used to wear a Sac, also worked fine while it lasted, which was around 400 rounds.
    150 of those were on a range day, so it was fairly hot all day.


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    My thoughts were if the rimfire mod is gettong that hot is it struggling to cope with the amount of hot gas and would the larger capacity .30 cal mod be better even though there is a larger gap between bullet and mod

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    The problem is that sound moderators for centre fires are consumable items it seems. What with even ranges insisting on their use I can see a sound moderator not lasting a year easily. Add the fact that some shooters do in fact practice and develop their own hand loads and the moderators life is fore shortened. I know that my Wildcat was showing signs of gas cutting and it was still only a few months old. of course in that time it had had over 400 round through it of 6.5x55, 25-96 and some .243. I was hocked to see the gas cutting and disappointed too.

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    My ace utra s5 has been on 4 rifles and had seen alot of shots and it looks like new

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    how much of the bang we hear is the gasses following the bullet out and would a bigger calibre mod just let more gas follow the bullet.

    i know the moderator isnt a calibre but you know what i mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    The problem is that sound moderators for centre fires are consumable items it seems.
    This. ^^^^^^^

    While there are exotic metals (Alloy 22 and such) to use for the blast baffle to reduce long term wear, it doesn't justify the cost because they too will eventually wear out....

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    well i tried the two differant mods out this evening. the only differance i could notice was in tone rather than volume. the smaller rimfire mod sounded more high pitched. i dont know weather this is that i am hearing more of the sonic crack of the bullet as the mod works better than the .30 cal one or its just the way its is.

    i did notice the .30 cal mod put the group down and right by 3 inches at 100 yards and i didnt get as tight a group.

    i think i will be saving for a new mod as it seems to be wearing the rimfire one after only 50 rounds
    some use on my .22lr and 17 hmr first and last baffles

    Attachment 43466Attachment 43467

    after 50 rounds of hornet first and last baffles and pitting on the first
    Attachment 43468Attachment 43469Attachment 43470

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    When I bought my Sound Moderator there was not much of a choice around here really and as I wished to use it on more than one rifle the Wildcat seemed the best option for my needs at the time. The P8 does have replaceable blast baffles which is good as they do wear:-

    Note the pitting. This was after a couple of hundred rounds or there abouts.

    Due to a mix up in the shop what was supposed to be a .30 calibre one was actually a .243 one. This can actually handle up to .26"calibre (6.5x55).

    It's been used on a .243, 6.5x55 and the 25-06.

    The Wildcat is a modular Modaerator:-

    The drawback is that it's heavy.

    Another bug bear of mine is that a lot of people threading barrels seem to be using the moderators as a gauge and not proper gauges hence the same moderator is tighter on some threads than others. Very poor practice IMHO.

    I only bought a moderator as some places are insisting on their use and the new range is so conditioned during certain periods. Moderators for range use are a poor idea as they heat up so quickly and this itself causes issues not least from mirage.

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    Let me get this right are you using the same mod on a rim fire and a center fire

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