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Thread: A late hello

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    A late hello

    forgot to do an intro when i joined, so though i'd better do one!!!
    i'm currently living and working in norfolk as keeper/stalker. shoot cz .22 and .17, tikka 595 in 243 and a sako75 in 6.5x55. have good experience with five species of our deer, but still lots to learn. i have a young rhodesian ridgeback im using for deer work.



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    Welcome to another norfolk resident

    Where in norfolk are you roughly?


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    Yes tell him Robbo, he would hate to poach a SD members estate

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    Hi Robbo
    welcome to the site, happy Stalking.

    I also live in Norfolk.

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    im in between kings lynn and hunstanton, but might be on the move, hopefully!


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    nice muntjack shooting down your neck of the woods i pass by there a few times a year welcome

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