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Thread: Second slot for .22 lr

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    Second slot for .22 lr

    Hi guys, I have a .22 lr on my firearms certificate but am hoping to apply for a variation to get a second .22 lr put on so I can use this for a dedicated night vision rifle, how do you think this will go with the firearms department about having 2 rifles of the same caliber and any suggestions what I could write in the accompying letter to better my chances?

    Kind regards kane

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    There is and should be no problem.

    I have three .22lr. As long as you can provide good reason, then the FLD should issue the grant. The reason you have given along the lines of "one for daytime shooting of vermin and the other for a dedicated night vision setup" is fairly standard and they will have received the same request many times before.



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    Yeah it was no problem up here in glasgow, i was originally going to apply for an extra 222 for a dedicated nv rig and they said that would not be a problem just send in a letter to explain the situation along with variation but i changed my mind and went for a 204 and again there was no problem with this only took 10 days to turn it around.

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    "One to allow daytime shooting of vermin and the other for a dedicated night vision setup to allow me to night shoot vermin" was the reason I gave- and it was accepted

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    I had a s/a .22WMR, .22LR s/a, .22LR bolt action and .22LR underlever. Had no problems putting any on, my club does underlever comps, prac rifle comps, and the bolt action was my rabbit gun, and the WMR for foxes. All are good reasons, and all got granted.

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    I have 4 x .22 bolt action rifles on my FAC with a good reason for each - that's the key to it, have a good reason!

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    its your good reason not theirs!

    I have 3x.22lr (short one, long one and a semiauto), 2x.17 rf and a .22wmr......all absolutely essential!

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    I have two, as long as you can give good reason you should have no problem, and you can say anything for your reason.

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    Rabbit gun, target gun, fun gun, self loader, historic gun, etc, etc, etc....

    Apply, they can only say no.
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ID:	43804Only took 6 days for the firearms department to send back my licence with an extra slot for a .22 lr so I got myself an early birthday present. The cz455 thumbhole rifle, cheers for your advice guys

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