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    Kype muir forest, strathaven

    The leaseholder has advertised 2 syndicate space's for this land at 650.00 each in a feb issued paper/magazine. The land is described as being just off junction 10 of M74.

    HI, me and 2 mates leased some deer stalking on KYPE MUIR FOREST, STRATHAVEN, ML10. We were ment to be making up a syndicate of 5 possibly 6 we never got the details of the other 2 or 3 stalkers. But just recently discovered another group of stalkers (6) on our land, The 9 of us have met up and we are all obviously not happy,We have all been told the same story by the lease holder that sold us the stalking i.e. (no more than 6 people on the land). Is anybody currently stalking this land or has done in the recent past.
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    Thats not good it happened to me in the past hope you sort it out

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    You hopefully have a written agreement stating how many people are in the syndicate.

    If so and this has been broken then the person is guilt of obtaining fee's by misrepresentation and that is a criminal offence i think.(Fraud Act)

    I would take some legal advice and hurt him as much as you can, it makes my gore rise people like this, gives people running syndicates a bad name.

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    I would think it a little worrying to think someone else could have been taking aim in your proximity, whilst you were stalking a supposedly unoccupied beat!

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    I believe I was on this ground about three years ago, it was private forest, did he put a few pheasant and Partridge down on it?, I only ever bumped in to one other Stalker on it, I pulled out as I had a feeling he was doing a lot of lamping on it for foxes?? and the deer were getting a lot of disturbance with walkers, lamping, Pheasant etc etc. It's the chance you take, the syndicates I am in now are FC lands, well organised and is much better controlled in my opinion.



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    Did know a Belgian who was stalking there a couple of years back, dont know if he still is, I looked at it a few years ago but decided against it.

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    Yes birds had been put down before we took on the land but he said he wasn't shooting anymore other than lamping the odd fox??? Towards the end of our lease we found a couple of feeders that somebody was stiil filling? Although there was no real signs of any game birds around. As for walkers it seems like everybody walks there dog through the forest.

    Cheers Barry.

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    Caveat Emptor I'm afraid

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    Hi gearboxbarry - just want to check if the forest you're shooting covers an area of around 2800acres and if at the entrance to the forest they are just about to complete the building of a block of flats? If it is and if the syndicate leader is JB then you may just have found your 10th syndicate member and I would obviously be keen to talk to you about it! Let me know.

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    Name and Shame

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