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Thread: jungle formula insect repellent

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    jungle formula insect repellent

    Went to one of my fave stacks of silage bales yesterday evening ready for whatever presented itself,I coated my neck, ears, face, forehead, forearms and under the peak of my cap with the jungle formula, there must have been a trillion billion midges on and around bales and I never got bitten once, thats good stuff, thoroughly recommend it.

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    I wacked on a load of DEET Saturday afternoon, put the IPhone to my ear forgetting about the gunk & ruined the "indestructible" screen saver / cover.
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    had it on in India last week. not a single nibble in five days. good stuff indeed.

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    Used in the FarEast. I think it was the custard on the pudding. Eaten alive by mossies.

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