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Thread: English Pointer Suitable for deer?

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    English Pointer Suitable for deer?

    I have a very good friend who breeds EP.

    The animals they produce really are a treat to watch work on the grouse moor and hill….

    Would an EP be suitable for deer work,,blood tracking etc?

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    Ur mate is proabably the best person to ask

    Lot of EP blood amoungst others in many of the modern continetal HPR breeds when they were first formed
    Will definately have the nose for it. Think ur main problem will be trying to reign in the dogs desire to hunt and range, and also sitting quietly under a high seat for long periods (cold would probably be an issue in winter/wet windy weather) they have been bred for the moor and that's were they're best

    Dare say like any dog with the right training no doubt they could do the job but probably other breeds that could do the job easier with less training/hard work

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    I've asked, though he doesn't stalk he thinks they would be suitable,

    i wondered if anyone here had any experience of using the breed for stalking.

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    Like most HPRs they will have a prey drive that will be stronger than a lot of other dogs.
    I would say yes though they will want to range.
    That said you can teach them to work closer. If you start of doing that however you will have trouble getting them to work further away later in life. It is often easier to teach them to work closer than to work further away.

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    Are u wanting it just for stalking or for pointing too.

    Meant to add that while a lot of HPR breeds used an EP they also added fox hounds so possibly a EP may be too much of a natural air scenter and may not have the stubborn/hard headness that better tracking breeds tend to have to stay on a track.

    If ur wanting a dual purpose dog a GSP or GWP will naturally hunt/quarter almost as hard/far as an EP will and further than most other breeds of HPR if u need a hard hunting pointing dog, but also have a proven track record of tracking/
    U could get a EP and always struggle with its tracking and u won't know if it is ur lack of experience/skil in training or simply the breed is not suited to tracking or takes a more experienced handler to get them to track well

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    I read that you can pretty much get any breed of dog to track deer but that some breeds just take to it better than others. My vet says that English pointers are a much nicer and gentler dog than a GWP but she would as she breeds and shows them. My GWP definitely has the hunting instinct, I don't know how one of her dogs would stack up against it in the hunting drive department.
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    They tend to be quite highly strung in my experience. They will certainly have the nose to track but so do lots of other dogs. I would suspect that getting past the instinct to range could be hard. There is probably a reason why other breeds predominate in the deer world

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