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Thread: Muntjac in East Sussex

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    Muntjac in East Sussex

    This is a curiosity post just for interest but I'd be interested to hear where in East Sussex (if anywhere) there are muntjac. I was chatting to a game keeper in the Lewes Barcombe area who said there were none on his estate but there were a lot in the woods of the neighbouring estate just to the West which got me thinking how soon to they spread to my area near Heathfield.

    i don't want people to give away their stalking locations etc but maybe just nearest village to where they have seen them etc. I have no experience of them and wouldn't be 100% sure what sign to look for (other than small slots) and never really thought about it as I thought they were nowhere near this far East.

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    Hi mate. I shoot around Newick and have seen zero munt. Not much help I know!

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    Used to be a lot around Wakehurst Place and Worth Abbey, maybe some around Ardingly. Mind you there used to be be Manchurian Sika at Framfield but I suspect they have disappeared.

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    Some basic info is available here. Each square is 10kmx10kms and corresponds to the National Grid, so you can work out where they've been reported.

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    I stalk close to Battle ,I saw my first Muntjac there 10 years ago I didn't shoot any hoping they would increase in number (the books say how Muntjac populations increase). But sadly they never have in fact I would say they have decreased . Any one have an idea why?


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    Hi, We stalk in east sussex and have had reports from dog walkers landowners and farmers from Fairlight to ashdown forest.
    landowners have asked us to control the Muntjac in their gardens but as yet we have not seen any,

    cheers Geoff

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    Mrs Essexsussex came across what I am sure was a muntie from her description at Danehill when walking the dog.

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    Muntjac on my permissions in Heathfield
    Atb steve

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    I have stalking right on the East Sussex/Kent border, just West of Tunbridge Wells. We have the usual Fallow, a single Roe doe (never seen her hubby!!) and NO muntjac or wild boar for that matter.

    Can't wait for the howls from the family when the pigs arrive, which I am sure they will!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SussexFallow View Post
    Muntjac on my permissions in Heathfield
    Atb steve
    You must be close to me, I've a few little permissions just down in the Waldron/Horam/Chidingly area. Good news is they're free as I do the rabbit control but bad news is they're not very productive and deer are sporadic at best. I've tried valiently to get some better ground in the Heathfield/Cross-in-Hand area but no luck yet!

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