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Thread: Got my variation but no ammo??

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    Got my variation but no ammo??


    Great, I got my license back today with a 223 and 308 added… so off looking for some Tikka M595's...

    But no ammo ;-(

    Is this normal?? The license looked different to the last one I had, the new guns are in a "authorised to purchase or acquire' section 1 and no ammo in section 2, well no new ammo for the 223 and 308 calibre..

    Is this normal or have TVP made a mistake?


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    the new format has just to aquire on it , ie whatever the amount you asked for and they allowed you to keep, or it should do?

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    Yes, I think the ammo (section 2) should have entries for 223 and 308, at the moment it's only got my 17HMR on it…. Section 1 as the right to acquire the 223 and 308….

    I have left a msg with my Firearms officer to check as I think it's a mistake….. or are the police making sure I am extra safe by not letting me have any ammo ;-)

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    they wouldnt do that they are not that stupid they might want you to be mentored in clubbing!first, you could just shout bang!after all its called stalking not shooting,hope you sort it,
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    did you say you make your own ? cock up me thinks

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    This just happened to me, they left off one of my entitlements, send it back pdq for amendment.

    Tell them clearly, what you need, in a letter that accompanies it.
    Cheers Ted.

    SACS Member. DSC 1.

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    lol…. Thanks, yep was planning to make my own.

    It's going to save me money, no point getting a moderator (which is on the license) if I can't have any ammo and am just shouting bang...

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    Ted, Thanks… out of interest is 250 rounds when self loading about right to ask for? Left a msg for my Firearms officer so should get it sorted quickly.

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    I don't see why not, no need to mention the self loading bit anyway. Except for evidence of competency, providing they don't blow up!
    Cheers Ted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon_T View Post
    … out of interest is 250 rounds when self loading about right to ask for?
    500-600 of each calibre would probably be more useful and shouldn't create any problems. You'll likely be buying expanding bullets in batches of 100 minimum and the total on your FAC will be for complete rounds and expanding bullets - unless the FLD list the latter separately.

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