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Thread: Light weight trousers

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    Light weight trousers

    Does anyone know of any good light weight hunting trousers for the summer months?

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    i use seeland ones but ,they are very light rip everytime i look at a barbed wire fence baggy there sizes are at least one maybe two sizes too big fit the waist ,too long in the leg ,and after all that i love them they dry in a slight breeze and comfy as hell they have a shiny netting inside i also got the heavier keepers three years ago but still put my trashers on,plus ive never been bothered with midges or ticks, but that could be i dont taste good,

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    Deerhunter Montana dark green are nice and thin with plenty of pockets

    a lot of people dont like deerhunter but my pair have lasted 4 summers and still look good

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    I have a pair of rohan trousers light weight hiking .
    plenty of pockets and tough

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    Think i am going to look for some deer hunters,thanks for the advice much appreciated

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    Army surplus, decent trousers, reasonable pockets and 5 a pair.
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    I use Swedteam & Fjallraven and when they are in the wash Berghaus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    Army surplus, decent trousers, reasonable pockets and 5 a pair.
    Works for me

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    Army surplus.... I have never used it since leaving school. My parents forced me to wear it and i remember being embarrased queing for assembly dressed exactly like a Japanese fighter pilot!

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    Fjallraven Barents
    lots of pockets
    fasteners on leg cuff to hike round boot tops/tuck them in etc
    double layer on arse and knees
    get them wet and they dry very quickly

    can be used with G1000 Wax to make them shower resistant

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