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Thread: KC Reg Black Lab Pup (Male)

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    KC Reg Black Lab Pup (Male)

    sold sold sold
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    I had the same thing with a young Alsatian bitch, the vet is right it is quite common and they do just disappear nothing to worry about there.
    What a cracking looking pup.

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    Thanks Steve, I would have the op done myself and get him on his way then but I'm away with work for a big chunk of July and need him shipped out to his new home. He and one of his brother were the pick of the litter in my eyes.

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    Hi Ben

    Hope your ok. I have bread numurous litters of pups over the years and have had a few with umbilical hernia (I think it is caused when the bitch bites the umbilical cord a bit roughly) everyone just disappeared. Daisy my youngest bitch had one and you would never know i think it had totally gone by the time she was five months old. So myself personally wouldn't worry about it.

    Kind regards Jim

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    Cheers Jim, I've been told the same by the vets. Yes all good this end. Was up in the SW on Sat, saw the oracle

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    Someone's going to get a bargain!
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    Pups on hold to JagerSA until the end of the weekend.

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    Hi I wouldn't worry about it see if it sorts itself out first before going down the op route someone is certainly going to get a little cracker real cheap
    Regards Jez

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