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Thread: "my thoughts presicely".....

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    "my thoughts presicely".....

    Singing from the same hymn sheet.....
    8 Almost Useless Land Rover Mods | FunRover

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    very good but true

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    buy a pick up and save all them wet elbows from having to open the window all the time horrid things,

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    theres a reason they are allways stuck at the back of a yard or shed gathering spiders,they are crap,

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    Call me a hijacker if you will but does anybody know with authority the tyre size for the largest BF Goodrich mud terrain that may befitted to a 110 Defender TD5 without recourse to wheel spacers and extended arches etc, etc?? Oh, and will not fail the MOT!

    Iím getting mixed messages on this one.



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    265-75X16", anything else just looks wrong.

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    Thanks RD but as we know all too well, looks are subjective so are you saying anything larger/wider simply won't fit the standard wheel and/or won't pass the MOT?

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    it might pass an mot but wont pass a set of traffic lights!

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    Narrower tyres than 265 gives your Defender the looks of an ice cream van and wider will foul your chassis and handle like a matress with a spacehopper on each corner.
    Had SWB Land Rovers since 1975 and they are actually VERY good now with the Ford engined six speed box and heater all included. Like all rugged vehicles they will give problems from time to time but for getting you out there they take some beating.

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    235/85/16 or 7.50 x16 on standard 7" rims will pass a test, 265/75/16s are a bit wider and depending on the wheel you fit will protrude out past a standard arch
    i'd agree with you RD about the puma having just bought a 4 yr old one it's put a smile back on my face it's just like driving an 8 pot without the 8mpg
    a barony original

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