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Thread: Deer Tracking Book - Advice

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    Deer Tracking Book - Advice

    Hi, what deer tracking books have people used for introduction and training of dogs for tracking. I am looking for something that I could use for training my springer.


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    "Niels Sonderguards book working with dogs for deer" is a start,I've got a few training my young pup.
    "John janneney-tracking dogs for finding wounded deer" a good well written informative book,he uses teckels which is why i got it in the first place
    "Guy Wallace- Training Dogs for woodland stalking"
    I've also got a copy of the ngo manual Dogs for deer by jager on here,and a very informative read too.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Will have a look and see if anybody has any of these books that they want to part with. If not thanks for the link.

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