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Thread: Close Encounters of the Stripey Kind

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    Close Encounters of the Stripey Kind

    I just got back in from walking the dogs and had to put this experience down, me and the dogs were wandering down the lane where I do every night, looked around and Frans bleedin terrier had disappeared as per ussual so after calling her little treasure I could hear something high balling down the lane towards me quite quickly.
    As it approached I was thinking that isn't the dog as it sounded far to heavy, flicked my torch round, there in front of me a few yards away is a huge badger heading straight for me
    After a milli second of thinking is it a "were badger" as it looked a bit shaggy then deciding probably not & just step sideways hope it doesn't attack
    Biggest prob was stopping my old dog from jumping on it managed to do this after much threatening and casting dispersion on his parentage
    Brock swerved then carried on down the lane at warp speed like a badger on a mission
    As no terrier had showed up thought I had better go find him, he was up the road looking all inocent so not sure whether he had disturbed it or the badger was just out for a run
    You never know what you will come across at night, ussually pikeys with a lamp but occasionally something unussual happens and leaves you with a smile, I never realised Badgers could run that fast

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    This is what happens when Fran lets you out on your own anyway I thought that the dog walking job was Frans

    You should ask Muir about Badgers, he got chased by a family of Montana wild badgers


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    I was being magnanimous her been snuffley and full of cold Lol ..

    Andy being chased by badgers thats a first not having a rifle to hand to see em off

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