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Thread: West Coast fishing

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    West Coast fishing

    I'm heading up to the West coast of Scotland with my family in a couple of weeks. I have a spinning rod and reel. I want to go fishing along the coast, mainly rocky, a bit of beach. What should I be expecting to catch and what should I be trying to lure it with ? My rod is rated 10-50g whatever that means !



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    Hi Ed, you will prob be catching mackerel,best use a spinner,pick weight to match the rod.

    Two things are ideal I have found...a telescopic rod of about 10 feet or so..and a bucket BBQ (Google it). Also Google Jamie Oliver recipe for Highland Mussels..yet another way to have whisky :-)
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    get some weedless soft plastics and fish them over kelp for pollock. hold on tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    get some weedless soft plastics and fish them over kelp for pollock. hold on tight.
    I'd second that. Which area are you heading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phitt View Post
    I'd second that. Which area are you heading?

    Im sorry to sound like a bell end.... WTF are Weedless soft plastics?..... Sounds like some new Class C drug



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    Flying condoms also work well ...that's what they are called round here anyway.
    Pollack are fun to catch but tasteless,better with mackerel.
    Take plenty of midge repellant.

    PS.. Another thing to Google is.. Cook fish in newspaper.
    You will have a great time,if your kids are young they will never forget the experience.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by N.F.W.M View Post
    Im sorry to sound like a bell end.... WTF are Weedless soft plastics?
    Soft plastic basically refers to what the lure is made from. Weedless refers to how it is presented on the hook, which is so that the point isn't showing and in theory shouldn't then snag on the weed!

    Here is one video showing how to rig a soft plastic, which is a reasonable starting point, the extra step being to lightly nick the tip of the hook into the back of the lure to 'hide' it.

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    get the end of your line double about last 18inches make a loop pass end through three times lick it and pull tight the small loops for your weight and the tail is for your spinner or worm or small fish about two or three inches long the fish are best for pollack fluero orange or black ,put about a one or two ounce weight on throw and wind dont wind slowly or you will get stuck ,same rig for sandy beach but bigger weights or gripleads plus bait on hook instead of lures,simples and keep hold of the rod or it will go astray, have fun atb doug,

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    Ive been to ardnamurchan several times. The rocks near the lighthouse are good for pollock deep water over kelp. Ive had best success hear using flies on a fast sinking shooting head. If you dont fly fish then get some jelly worms or sand eels shads etc rig them weedless or you will get hung up on the kelp. Casst in and let your lure get deep then slowly work it back. I fished from low tide and had best success first couple of hours. Didnt have any success with plugs or metal lures.

    You will get mackerel off the kilhoan pier on dexters and tobies if there about.

    Gather lug at sanna and fish for flatties as there are plenty about.

    If your looking for trout there are a few options. I recal walking to a loch from achnaha and also fished muddle and a couple of lochds that you get to from muddle.

    good luck

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