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Thread: .243 100 grain Norma Factory Ammunition.

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    .243 100 grain Norma Factory Ammunition.

    It is at least ten years since I used any factory ammunition in a .243 but having acquired a .243 Sako 75 Finnlight and having a few problems with my home-loads sooting up, I bought some Norma 100 grain to be going on with.

    Whilst sorting out my home-loads for the Finnlight, I decided to put a few of the Norma factory loads across the chronograph, for interest.

    I was surprised to see that they were consistently doing 2,950 fps, which gives a muzzle energy of 1932 ft. lbs. This was from a 20 inch barrel, so nipping along pretty smartly.

    I bagged a Roebuck with one on Friday evening for good measure.

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    Usually use Federal power shok which I like,but last time I went in gunshop they'd run out so bought 3 boxes of Norma at 112 ! Bit more expensive than the Feds but yet to try them yet, sound ok, will find out soon

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    They are good but so pricey. I use fed power shock too at about 27 a box and find them acceptable.

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    A always found Norma 100g to be very accurate and consistent but the Federals grouped terribly in my rifles. The Norma's hovered around half inch groups and the Federals well over the inch. They are worth the extra in my opinion. I have reloaded for the last couple of years and 95 grain ballistic tips with 42.5 grains of RE 22 give me groups in the .3" and I am saving money!!

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