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Thread: Blood Tray

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    Blood Tray

    If anyone is looking for a well priced blood tray take a look in your nearest Ikea.
    For the grand sum of £7 you can get a tray suitable for at least 2 Roe and it even has a raised base which allows any blood to drain away from the carcasse.

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    Hello Ben P.

    Sounds like an ideal product for that price, but what section are we likely to find this product in, just had a look but don`t know where to start.



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    Excellent Ben P!
    Thank you for the 'Heads up'! Welcome to the site by the way. Please feel free to inform us of anymore good deals as the last trays I looked at were over forty pounds from Jaegar Sports!

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    Hi all,

    The Ikea tray is usually found at the pick up section of the store its supposed to be an under bed storage tray. I have used them for around 5 years now and have a few which means that I dont have to take it in and out of my landrover as I have one in the boot of the wifes car as well (she doesnt realise its not there as a dog basket)

    Cheers all, Remmy7

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    Cheers remmy

    I was looking on their internet site, but don`t suppose they will have them on there.
    Think i will pick one up next time i`m in there, but i must remember to take an emergency pack lunch and distress flares with me as the last time i went there i got lost and kept going round in circles .


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    Hi Wadashot,

    I have similar difficulties getting out of the place but the cause is usually my wife, my emergency kit is a dried up bank balance (it doesnt allways work though)

    Cheers Remmy7

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    You poor thing, I`m lucky that my better half dosen`t like shopping HEHE. 8)

    That bloody ikea, it`s like the tardis, just follow the grey path that leads you to the checkout.
    Aye, the last time we went to that one on the M62 we had to set up camp just off one of those grey paths and beg for food and water to any passer by.


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    I have no problem with ikea, the nearest one is 400 miles away in Glasgow and they do not deliver to my area

    mind you it is a bugger when you can't get hold of useful blood trays, err under bed storage bins.


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    i have the 800 x 600 grey food grade with lid, a standard bread tray fits inside to let air circulate and blood drain. very strong, and inconspicuous, will fit about 3 roe easily. i use the lid as a butchering table, then just hose it all down.

    you can steal the bread trays from outside of your local shop!

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