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Thread: What a long wait

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    What a long wait

    I sent in my application for my fac, co-terminous, a couple of weeks before xmas, still havent heard anything from the FO.

    Applied for a .22 rimmy, 223 and 308

    Nearly 8-9 week and not a dickie bird

    Cabinet etc in situe, just waiting for a call to say they are going to visit

    how much longer?

    Norfolk by the way

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    8 to 9 weeks

    Wow that's a fair old time, mind you always been a bit easy going over your way still thought we had an Empire& Victoria was the queen from what I heard

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    mate - my first app took nearly 4 months.

    last variation took 8 weeks

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    hi that sounds like my application i kept waiting till steve kershaw told me to ring them and find out whats going on as soon as i spoke to them they then arranged a visit and fac is being delivered this week. just try and find out politely whats happening,all the best wayne

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    ditto - give them a ring and find out where it is in the system. As long as you're pleasant enough they should be fine about giving you a quick update on where you are and how long the overall process should take

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    I called weekly for a progress update. Don't be shy you're paying for the service!

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    just count yourself lucky that your not in n.ireland, you could wait anything upto a year
    hope you get it shortly.

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    took me 9 months to get sorted in n ireland last year

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    i have just had to wait 6 weeks for my renewall .then it was wrong so i dropped it back with them last wednesday and got it back today.fingers crossed this time when i check it over

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