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Thread: Zeiss 3-12x56

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    Zeiss 3-12x56

    I am about to purchase a Zeiss victory ht 3-12x56 to put on my tikka t3 .243.

    What height optilock mounts would people suggest? I am keen to get them as low as possible.

    many thanks

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    I had xtra low on my sako and was perfect

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    Was that with a 56 objective. Some people have said get high?

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    if you look on tikka site there s a chart i think you will find xtra lo rings and bases for 56mm or low will do

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1hughes View Post
    Was that with a 56 objective. Some people have said get high?
    Yes that was a 56 objective, same scope as you mentioned. There wasn't much gap but was fine, you could also go for low and they would be fine. I wouldn't got for high they will be too high in my opinion.

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    Great thanks for the advice


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