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Thread: Muntjac from the High Seat….

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    Muntjac from the High Seat….

    I got to my high seat a little earlier to fit some wind break mesh I picked up from a barn which I am re-boarding for a local farmer.
    Just a few cable ties and it seemed to transform the seat from the inside.
    The grass is quite long but some places are short with runs coming from one of the woods to a thick hedge on my left.
    This doe came from the hedge and was slowly picking her way through the taller cover and stopped just right presenting a neck shot out around 90 yards….
    Only 16lb dressed but in very nice condition, I left the seat early as one is enough and much better working in day light with sharp knifes….


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    Nice little doe Tim, will be nice and tender!

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    Nice one mate, liking the net idea!
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    well done tim short and sweet,

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    Well done Tim, looks a lovely animal and nice job on the high seat too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm160 View Post
    Well done Tim, looks a lovely animal and nice job on the high seat too.
    Thanks for that Tim...that tree is leaning forward so I had to make a longer bar, prompting me to make a sliding one with R clips...
    The reds come through in the winter so I will make a plan with the owner to take out just one depending on what we see...


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