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Thread: PPU Brass .22 Hornet

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    PPU Brass .22 Hornet

    The only .22 Hornet brass I can get is PPU at 23 per hundred (new Brass). I am new to reloading, how good is this brass and how is the price?

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    I have used PPU brass in other calibers and found it quite good. I have not yet used the Hornet brass I picked up. As to price, the Winchester and Remington here, when we can get it, is about $27 per fifty. The conversion is about 1.5 so that would make your PPU about $35 US per 100. That's a good price compared to the alternative here.~Muir

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    Use PPU in 223,308 and 6.5 and it reloads well. Have had no problems.

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    As above, I've used PPU brass for 22Hornet, no trouble at all.

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    The PPU hornet brass I have just keeps on going, well over 20 cycles now, not split a single case yet.
    Nearly time to retire them though as the primers are not as firm a fit as they once were.


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    i have just this week started loading .22 hornet with ppu brass. out of the hundred i bought there were a couple of slightly dented necks but they pushed out ok and have loaded and fed into the rifle just fine

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    I use it for feeding my 17 Hornet and it's better than the Hornady cases and 1/2 the price. Ok, it's needs some work for mine but still good value. Sometimes the odd case has a slight flash hole burr: just keep an eye out and de-burr with a proper tool or suitable drill bit.

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    Good budget brass

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    No problem with ppu 22 hornet brass,its as good as any

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    I have used ppu brass in .222 .223 and. .308 never had a problem

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