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Thread: Leica BRF HD's - question.

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    Leica BRF HD's - question.

    Dear all

    Does anyone out there have any direct experience of the HD version of these binoculars?

    I have the previous model but have never been 100% pleased with the contrast, colour and possibly low light ability.

    I know the HD version is meant to be better in low light but wondered by how much.

    Anyone have direct experience?

    I am thinking of possibly upgrading to the HD version but am trying to do as much due diligence before hand. Just want to know if the upgrade would be worth it.


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    Hi Jon2,

    I do. The HD are better but absolutely not worth the outlay of uprading to if you already have "standard" Ultravids.

    I wasnt happy with my "standard" 8x50 Ultravids and similarly looked into the HD version but ended up just selling the standards and not bothering replacing them. I just went back to using my Swaro 8.5x42 EL and i find the contrast is much better for hunting, field of view is better, formed special eyecups are great, fast handling etc; they really are an allround better package for stalking.
    But; if i had the time again i would have chosen the 10x42 EL.....
    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you Sariel

    Yes it helps somewhat.

    I was particularly interested in the BRF's however your experience seems similar to my own. As in, I prefer very much my 7 x 42 SLC Swarovski's but obviously they do not have the built in range finder.

    I use my BRF's therefore exclusively but for fit,feel, contrast, clarity and overall userbility I much much prefer my SLC's.

    I did hear a rumour that Swaro were bringing out a bino range finder combined but not sure how reliable the rumour is.

    You have helped in as much as it sounds it is probably not worth upgarding to the HD versions anyway so thanks.

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    Hi Jon,

    I have a brand new pair of 10x42 Geovids HD's ( Oct 2009). As this is the first pair of Leicas I have ever had I am not in the position to CF them to any others.

    I am based in Bristol area and if you are local to me then you are quite welcome to come and have a look through them/borrow them.

    I had a pair of Zeiss Victories for a week as well to enable me to compare the two and decided to buy the Leicas as more ergonomic.

    If you want some more indepth details PM me with a contact no.


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    Thank you for your reply and generous offer.

    My work does take me to the Bristol area but I think I have made my mind up that I probably won't make the upgrade at the moment due to the feed back I have had already.

    The Leica's do look more ergonomic that the Zeiss equivalent I agree and I notice they are slightly lighter too.

    If Swaro bring out an equivalent I will certainly be looking at them. However the Leica's are a very useful piece of tac and I will continue with them for now I think.

    Thanks again


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