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Thread: Blaser high or low Mounts

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    Blaser high or low Mounts

    Hello all. I'm looking at picking up a Blaser R8 in 30.06 when I head to the States in the summer for a few years. I'm taking my Z6 2-12 x 50 scope with me. Does anyone have an idea whether I'll need a high or a low mount rail for this scope? Thanks

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    You should be OK with a normal/low mount on your saddle mounts for a 50mm objective. What profile is the barrel?
    I can just....and I mean...just....get away with a Sightron 60mm on a .22-250 & .243 match profile on a Blaser R93 but had problems with a Zeiss Diavari 56mm on the same barrels
    Cant testify for the R8 but assuming the barrel profiles are similar then you should be OK.

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    Normal low mounts will work. I'm using normal mount on a R8 with a 2.5-12x50 Swarovski.


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    Thank you both

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