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Thread: a little thanks to farmer john

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    a little thanks to farmer john

    As some know, I have a farmer, that likes to shoot, that has taken me under his wing and I have been lucky enough to get out on the falow, roe and munties. I do have some of my own stalking but this farmer has been nothing but fantastic, and I am very greatful to him.

    Only thing is, on the last two trips out's he has not taken the safety off his rifle, he tells me which set to go to and then picks me up after.

    The last day of the fallow buck season I shot a nice little buck on a one of my permissions, I text to say deer down and he jumped in the motor, drove for 20 minutes to come and help extract the buck. So humble and helpful I can't thank him enough.

    Last two outing gave me this

    And then a week later, again he didn't get anything in front but I had these two step out. Shot the muntie at 10 metres from the high seat, looked up and the roe was walking out the wood.

    All the farmer got was 3 ticks on him.

    To say I'm felling very guilty is a slight understatement, he says to shoot them, by I do get a gilt trip every time.

    John, if your looking in, which I think you do. THANK YOU!

    All the best


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    nice animals ,sound farmer could do with some like that up here

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    Just shows that there are some very nice people out there (met a few on this site). It is very good of you to thank him publicly as well.
    Keep shooting!

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    Nice touch mate but I couldn't help thinking of these two when I read it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    Nice touch mate but I couldn't help thinking of these two when I read it!!
    This reminded me of this clip (which Mrs Norma, says is me down to a T)

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    classic, well done to you both ,happy days,doug,

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    I just can't thank him enough, I was giving up last year but he's changed the game a fair bit.

    Well made up with the first roe I had. No idea about all this medal stuff but would be interested knowing. More than likely cut it wrong and it will have to be a wall hanger only.

    Thanks guys

    All the best


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    Phil, don't knock it! there are plenty of folks who are happy as long as the deer are being controlled. I have a mate who takes me and never minds if I kill and he doesn't, but remember if he didn't want you to do it he wouldn't invite you. Some folks get just as much contentment knowing that someone else is doing it. I do however have a question, how the hell did someone from Gloucester get an FAC

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    I gave them the wrong post code. I gave a chelt code.

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    phil i think youve found a keeper!

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