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Thread: Sometimes you just get lucky!!

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    Sometimes you just get lucky!!

    As it was such a nice late afternoon and evening Saturday, I decided to go out then rather than early on Fathers Day which meant I could lay in for a change and have more time to spend with the family, which pleased Mrs Stratts!

    I'd arranged to meet my buddy Dale on our shared ground at about 8ish so en-route I popped onto my work permission to see if there were any Muntjac about. It was a North ish wind which is quite rare round here and affords the best stalk on this particular ground, so I was optomistic I'd see something.

    I parked up and slowly stalked round the outskirts of some waste ground heading towards a nice sheltered tree line in the next field along, where I have previously taken a munty doe early doors before work. I got settled in and had about an hour to kill so rested on the quad sticks and had a go using the buttolo. Half hour or so and nothing doing I got a txt saying he'd arrived early so decided to leave.

    Carefully, I walked back through the tree line and scanned the open ground in case anything had shown but nothing, so I decided to head straight across the wide open field to the car, basically frog marching through the scrub making a right old racket. I got half way across and feck me if a munty doe didn't appear to my front left out of some bramble, head down not taking a blind bit of notice about 100 yards away.

    I froze, with no cover whatsoever and watched her quarter across the ground at an angle getting gradually closer and must have covered about 70-80 yards which gave me time to see if she had a follower. I shimmied round and got set up on the sticks so I was pointing in a safe direction at a point where, if she carried on going I would intercept her path. Luckily she did just that and when I got her in the scope I gave a big old shout 'Oi', she stopped, looked directly at me presenting a textbook side on shot and I delivered the .308 perfectly to take out the top of the heart and lung and she dropped on the spot! I think because of the situation the old ticker was thumping out of my chest so after re-loading, I stayed still to allow things (and me) to settle before approaching and paced the shot at 82 yards where she was laid.

    Sorry for the amount of blood on the pic, I meant to take a better picture when I hooked up with Dale but got straight on with the gralloch as he wanted to see it done. Something I still need practice with and I have now realised after varying different attempts that I get on better doing it suspended from a tree! She had some funny little marks on the fur on one side of her face but no ticks, etc, and everything else checked out ok (including being pregnant) so the venison is all destined for the mincer for a big old bbq this weekend!!



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    +1 well done mate but are you sure it was a 308 and not a chainsaw good god it looks like a scene from game of thrones lol bazil

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    Good darts boyo.
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    Nice doe, surprising what you can grass with a paintball gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazil View Post
    +1 well done mate but are you sure it was a 308 and not a chainsaw good god it looks like a scene from game of thrones lol bazil
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    Congratulations Stratts, you're getting the hang of this stalking Lark.

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    Top stuff. I bet if you'd been stalking around slowly doing it all properly you wouldn't have seen a thing
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    Well done Stratts, particularly on such a well placed shot under pressure.

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