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Thread: my norfolk cwd trip

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    my norfolk cwd trip

    had kindly agreed to a swap a stalk bewtween the two of us
    over twelve months previous he had been down to me last july
    to take a roebuck and so it was my turn to visit him up in norfolk
    we the wife and i set off sat morning for the four and a half hour
    drive from somerset to norfolk arriving around 1 30
    MAX and his lovely wife debbie welcomed us showed us to our room
    in their lovely house before our afternoon stalk .
    we arrived on the ground only to find that he patch we were to stalk
    had been disturbed by walkers so the plan was to stalk another
    section of a very big wood as we approached a small meadow on the
    outskirts of the wood max halted and glassed the area and spotted
    two chinks led down on the edge of a dyke we glassed them at a 100 yds
    to establish that it was a buck and a doe
    the buck did not present a shot as he was lying down and had a small copse making the shot even harder the plan was for me to stalk in to the
    left hand side of the copse to about 50 yds for a clear shot off the sticks
    max explained that he thought that he would more than likely spook and
    be gone so off i stalked remembering what i had learnt from the ninja
    himself WAYNE DAVIES two weeks previous well it must of worked as i got to the spot sticks up rifle ready only to find that where
    he was still lying down i had just the head and neck visiable .
    As i was planning to get a full shoulder mount done then the shot was
    not possible I stood there for fifteen minutes and he was not budging
    he knew i was there but thought i could not see him plan B was now
    called for i signalled to max to try to get him to stand so he made some funny norfolk sounds but to no avail so i decided to walk straight
    at him sticks ready and if he stood for a mili second id shoot him well
    he had other ideas i got to within around thirty five yards and he bolted
    along the dyke to the wood got to about 60 yds and stopped yes you guessed it right behind some cover then ran into the wood .
    we carried on round but did not see anymore so retired for the evening
    for a superb dinner back at maxs .

    the next morning we stalked round saw a couple more deer buy they
    were gone like the wind and did not present a shot .

    It came to the afternoon my last stalk with max
    tactics were decided that we wait on a paddock where the deer crossed
    to move out onto the vast arable land and game cover crops
    this is where it had been disturbed the day before and two nice bucks
    had been spotted as we approached a chinese ran back into the wood
    i started to panic that i may have missed my chance but was assured that he or she would be back we set up under a big oak tree rifle on bipod
    sticks at the ready for whatever shot presented itself after about 20 minutes a chinese appeared up across the paddock and was gone through the hedge we thought it was a doe and probably the one we bumped
    earlier i thought if they all dont hang about like that then this is not going to be easy well another hour passed and nothing the light was fading
    very fast and it was going to be hard to identify sex now
    well in the next say ten minutes eight deer came up out the wood max was scanning like mad to identify the right one . one by one they dissapeared through the hedge then max said the back one of the two
    if you can get a good shot take it the first one dissapeared through the
    hedge and just as the second was about to he made another funny
    norfolk sound the deer turned took four steps back towards the wood broadside on i was not going to piss about with the cross of the illuminated swaro 8 x 56 shining just in behind the shoulder i took the shot a reassureing thud came back and it dropped on the spot
    we walked up and there led a cracking lovely CWD buck which is now at
    the taxidermist to be shoulder mounted
    A nice shake of the hand and embrace from max finished what was
    a fantastic weekend with him and his wife debbie
    A big thank you to you both for your hospitality the lovely food and
    accomadation you provided for me and teresa .
    looking forward to the pictures that your going to add hope i dont frighten
    too many members

    once again many thanks i will give it a good home mate looking
    forward to our trip in march

    ATVB regards pete .

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    Great write up. Congratulations on your CWD.


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    hi greg
    many thanks still coming down from my high

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    Nice write up. It's great when it all comes together at the last minute isn't it! 8)


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    Nice one chaps,

    " Ninja" that's that bloody Terry "pheasant sniper" started that.

    Don't think your gonna get spoiled like that when your with us Max you will have to manage without that leccy blanket


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    your right about the electric blanket me and the missus looked at
    each other and said whats one of those were used to chucking
    another log on the rayburn

    forgot to say it might be a couple of days for the pics
    max has got trouble with his Router

    still looking on the bright side thats a couple days longer on the
    site untill malc kicks me off for scaring members with my
    ugly mug
    regards pete .

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    Ohh its a bugger when you have trouble with your router

    Oh well its to be expected at his age


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    Well done Pete on your CWD

    Great write up and looking forward to some pics

    Nice to see the legend that is Ninja Davies passing on them skills to us mere disciples..

    Great result


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    Congratulations pete i am glad you had a good trip i could tell you were looking forward to it when we spoke at the sd social and well done max for making it all posible.
    I have heard rumours the ninja davies stalk is to become compulsory for people doing there level 2

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    Congrats Pete, sounds like you had a great time up there and you got that CWD you were after.

    Look forward to seeing the pics.



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