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Thread: MSc Wind Farmers research help?

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    MSc Wind Farmers research help?

    My partner is doing an MSc dissertation on the positive Socio-Economic Impacts of Wind Farms, focusing on the way that income generated as a result of a wind farm can allow land owners to develop their land/business and in doing so trickle income down to the local economy. For example the land owner may use the income to buy machinary from a local supplier or use local contractors or take on new members of staff from the local community. She is looking for land owners with wind turbines on their land to take part in a telephone interview in the next 2 to 3 weeks and the more wide spread and random the better to get a good comparison all across the uk.

    If members here know and could pass on the details of land owners who may be willing to give up 5 minutes for a quick phone call chat that would be a great help. Many thanks all


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    In our neck of the woods the trickle down route into the local economy has been via a route not originally envisaged. The purchase of Range Rovers has benefited both the staff employed in the motor trade the exchequer via VAT receipts, not reclaimable, and the franchise owners preferred travel agent and their staff.

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    but they 'those people' then spend their sales bonuses .... in the real world jobs may be created and saved. It's interesting to look at situations like where a couple of turbines saves a farmers business and allowed for a turn around where they could invest in the future of the farm, but also have something to pass on rather than fold and sell.

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    I am not suggesting some of the proceeds do not find their way around the local economy just not in an expected way. It is good that some people who can not trade viably in a subsidised industry are returned to the black by more tax payer support. I appreciate that this is a potentially provocative proposition and one that I do not necessarily hold but it is surprisingly prevalent even in a rural area such as this.

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    Afraid I can't put you in touch with any land owners (landowners who may be getting 24k per year per turbine tend to be somewhat mute on the subect), however the following website contains lots of useful information:

    This proposed development has split a community (farmers/residents) & would cover most of our stalking ground for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I can maybe put your wife intouch with my brother who works on the financial side of setting up small scale wind farms on farms. I will have to ask him and get back to you


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    many thanks all and for the pm's so far, it's a great help. Please lets keep this objective


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    Locally the wind farms have mainly been set up on large arable enterprises, agri businesses often not even based in the county. Very little financial benefit locally I would say except to make already rich people even richer.

    i have after spending a lifetime in the city moved out into the countryside, within three months we got letters to notify of us that two windfarms are planned, one either side of the village. Both main land owners are non resident and live away.
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    I think 'trickle down' has been discredited as an effective way of spreading financial benefit.
    The theory that when the rich man spends a penny some of it finds it's way down to the poor man doesn't hold water
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    Alright paul

    I'm sure ur mrs is already awarelocally but quite a lot of money goes to local charities from the windmill funds, i know the local nature reserve has had a bit from them in the past, think it goes throu the common good fund. But to be fair all the funding stuff is way over my head seems to be endless ammounts of money just floating about if u know where to look
    Most of the village/kirk halls that have windturbines nearby are the fanciest halls u'll ever see.

    Must admit in a lot of cases it does tend to make the rich richer, but to be fair that is the way of the world, money always goes to money

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