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Thread: Recent outing with new rifle

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    Recent outing with new rifle

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ID:	43992A friend of mine organized an evening in a high seat as a birthday present.
    I met up with Mark at his and we drove over to the permission in his Land rover, he explained about the shoot & lots or other bits of information. We arrived at Gary's house, the game keeper on the estate,to a really friendly welcome & a chat over a cup of tea. It was obvious that he really wanted me to have a successful evening in the high seat & bag a muntjac. After about half an hour Mark dropped me off at my high seat, what a fantastic location in a small valley between the wood. I settled down in the seat with a large soft cushion that Gary had provided & soon the wood had settled down.

    After 3 minutes I notice movement about 100 yards down the valley & sure enough the bino's revealed a munty doe walking out onto the ride from the bushes. I swapped over to my rifle only to see it walk into the cover not to be seen again. I sat watching the wild life around me, happy to be out enjoying the evening, rabbits running around, a squirrel at the bottom of the high seat, various birds & bats flying around.
    Suddenly the peace was broken by a munty barking in the woods to my left hand side, these continued for some time. Then movement out in front a fox cub appeared from the left hand cover about 60 metres out & walked out onto the ride, it turned towards me walked a few paces then sat looking towards me, the 58gn norma did the business, dropping it on the spot.
    Later when Mark picked me up & we went to see Gary, who was really pleased that I had shot a fox for him & was quickly invited back for the next night to try for my munty again.

    The next night, the same high seat I had sat for nearly an hour without seeing much at all, the wood seemed really quite compared to the previous day.
    Suddenly a small noise off to the left, I turned slowly and there about 10 metres to my left a young munty Doe was walking out of the cover towards the high seat & started to nibble the tops of bluebells I think . I thought she was going to walk right underneath the high seat, but she stopped just short. I didn't dare breath let alone move, I was looking down on her from under the top rail of the high seat. Suddenly she stopped & raised her head, I watched her nostrils twitching as she checked the air. She was very twitchy, she stood for a while, backed up 3 paces & then started to bark. This seemed to go on for ages. Then she turned & started to take the odd step away, when she was looking away I tried to gently move my rifle towards her. Even the slightest of movements had her spinning around, I froze, she took a couple of steps towards the high seat. She continued to bark & a couple of times she appeared to look up directly at me.
    She turned away, I moved slightly, she looked back, I froze, this went on for a time, then her white tail shot up & I feared that she was going to run off, but she just started to walk away left & towards the back of the high seat. She was past my 9 o'clock position & in cover, my only chance would be a small gap between the trees. Being a left hander I was now twisted right round in the seat, shooting free hand. My luck was in she stood, a nice safe back stop.
    I raised my rifle & bugger, the scope was set at 8x mag ( expecting deer at further distances), no time to change it as she was about to move. I squeezed the trigger & heard the bullet strike home. She leapt up & ran into the bracken, where I lost sight of her, but the noise seemed to stop quickly.
    I left it a few minutes the went & searched the bracken. After a couple of minutes I found her. My first MUNTY with my new rifle, really pleased.
    Mark turned up later, he was over the moon that I had got one, he wasn't empty handed either a munty buck & a nice roe buck as well
    On the way home we went around another of Marks permissions looking for foxes, but saw none.

    Two really enjoyable evenings out, & met 2 fantastic people, who were so helpful & friendly. I have been offered a trip out on the fallow later in the year & I have offered to help out on the shoots in return.
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    nicely done, well done to you all,

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    that was a good read, well done

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    Enjoyed reading this one well done!!!

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