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Thread: Rabbit snares

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    Rabbit snares

    Not sure if this is the right place but here goes
    im looking for good quality rabbit snares. Wondering where the best place is to find them

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    solway feeders 17 quid for ten if you have to,
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    Here you go Tikka he is a great guy and his video is very very good.

    Fourteenacre | Home


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    make your own it is easy , thin brass framing wire three strands together about a metre in length fold in half then hang a metal bar of the end and spin the bar twisting the strands together , eyelits are easy to get too at the loop end (opposite from where you had the bar) wrap in the eyelit tight, take bar off and feed that end through the eyelit using a loop , then you have the choice of burying them to make brown or steep in black tea,,, ATB Tulloch, sorry forgot on loose end tie or loop in your rope/teal
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    Do u not have to put stops on them now? Could be different in ireland thou, but thought u needed stops on them in scot

    Been a long long time since i snared rabbits

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    yer crimp them too so the snare does not fully close , been a while since i snared rabbits , always crimped fox snares never used to on rabbit snares

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