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Thread: 3XM1 high Seats

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    3XM1 high Seats

    I am looking three or four High seats,
    Has anybody had any experience of the 3XM1 which seem a good price on Ebay ?


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    Good Value

    These are the same ones Sportsmans are selling,

    and i am for having one as a template for others


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    we have two they are ok for the price, very stable,light could do with the rail a little higher though

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    Made in China, the manufactures were at the IWA I did't ask how much as they would not have fitted in my case.

    Best rgds


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    I use two of this kind of seats and whilst they are ok I must admit I am concerned about the warning that comes with them that they are not to be used all year around. Not being the hardest working of individuals the thought of taking these down to paint them does not fill me with glee. My observations are, that they are rusting and I am begining to get worried about public liability.

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    3xmi high seats

    Have you tried Cabelas - a pal imported one last month cost around $66 + $15 post and £10 duty - delivered within the week, cheapest around.

    I have just bought some clothing and the service and price was excellent

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    Hi Tony

    This is the info on the high seat I purchased from Cablelas.

    They have gone up in price since I got mine in January but they are still cheaper than anything I've seen in the UK. Cabelas have others on offer at the moment which are cheaper.


    "Having decided to put a high seat up in our shoots wood Iíve been looking around for a good priced metal framed portable one rather than building a permanent wooden one. The cheapest I could find in the UK was £99 including delivery from the Sportsman Gun Centre so I checked out Cabelaís web site in the USA & found this one for $79.99 plus $35.00 delivery giving a total of $114.99.

    With an exchange rate of 1.98 I paid £58.00 & got charged a further £10.00 VAT on entry to the UK, a total of £68.00. I ordered it on the 24th January & it arrived on the 30th. brilliant service & itís a very well made high seat as well, easy to assemble & with removable padded shooting rail, seat cushions & padded arm rests it should last for years".

    If anyone is interested in this high seat this is the link to the Cabela's web page.

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