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Thread: Lucky - Unlucky Roe Doe

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    Lucky - Unlucky Roe Doe

    On my way home this evening in the car I saw a roe out in the middle of a newly cut hay field.
    I stopped to look at her & saw that she had been in some kind of accident - she has a strip of fir right down her right side from behind her front leg across her side and nearly to her rump. I think she must have been hit by a car but didn't seem to be suffering in any way so I thought lucky girl!
    She was not browsing - just wandering around aimlessly and looking around.
    Then I saw it - her kid was there & had been killed by the hay mower. The doe went up to it, gave it a sniff then moved away & continued to look around the field for her offspring as she clearly didn't understand what had happened.
    I watched her for an hour & she finally left - still looking around as if hoping to find her baby. VERY SAD. Unlucky doe!

    It reminded me of an incident when I was about ten. - I was fishing & saw a cow standing close to her still born calf & mooing quietly at me. I went up to take a close look at the calf & then said to the cow "Sorry old girl your baby has gone". At that the cow gave a sigh & walked away. - She clearly needed confirmation that there was no hope for her calf.


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    A very sad story, I just hope it highlights the importance of walking the fields before mowing.

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