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Thread: Fox Cage Trap

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    Fox Cage Trap

    Can anyone give me de advise on making a good fox cage trap? I've got a couple of the wire manufactured ones but I think they are too small as nothing seems to venture into them. I've tried all sorts of bait, tucked them well into cover and made sure the wire floor is covered with earth or straw but still nothing goes into them. I reckon I need to make one much bigger to give Charlie more confidence. Shooting is difficult this time of year with the crops so tall and unfortunately the landowner doesnt like snares and wont have them on the estate.

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    Hi bud,
    mine are shop bought ones, they are five ft long so fox well past door when they activate the treddle and there about twenty inch square. Only ever had them working to perfection in urban environments or on cubs. Id say to sum up the bigger the better so ray is more confident to enter them.

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    Certainly bigger is better. Like Jimmy says, apart from cubs in their early days it is quite difficult to catch anything in open country. Around smallholdings. chicken farms etc. where there is usually a lot of clutter lying about they can be quite effective. If you do try setting in open country a method I have had occasional success with is put them in a large black bin liner and bury them in the depths of a hedge with just the opening visible. However any catch in such circumstances is a bonus.
    If you make your own the bigger the better and make it strong enough to withstand a badger taking up residence, the will wreck a store bought job in no time flat!

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    Thanks chaps.
    Yes I've had success with these shop bought ones in towns but country fox is a canny critter. Good idea with the black bin liners - I'll try that. I will need to make a biggun but what's best for the door and latch? I guess a heavy vertical portcullis type door wont need a locking mechanism but a flap type hinged door would be easier to make but would need someting to keep it closed. Any one got any plans or suggestion for making the door?
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    Mine close like a cat flap but from the inside towards the outside if im making sense by that. The only problem ive had really is there made from two inch mesh and have had rats go through and activate the trap "saw it on trail cam I borrowed as thought someone was messing with them." Oh yeah and I would also imagine that a fox paw could get through it and trigger it too before its tempted to go in.

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    Great - cheers Jimmy, I'll do the door like you said. I could also put some chicken wire over the weld mesh to keep the rats out.

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    you could try a spring or bungie on the flap to help keep it shut,good luck doug,

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    Its real hard to explain nige but as the door shuts there's a bar that comes down to lock it in position, there lent out to a mate at the min or id take a pic but he's put them on his allotment and had five with it, but he says he's boxed all the baited end in so it can only see the bait from the doorway.

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    If you are making it out of weldmesh, don't trim the ends of the bottom of the door flush. Try to leave about 1" sticking out - this is usually enough to engage either on the mesh, or stick in the ground if charlie is trying to push his way out. Would have posted photos, but mines out in the wilderness somewhere.......

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    the bar or rod that comes down and locks the door is just a wire with a loop on each end that slides down two other wires one each side its difficult to explain and ive no pics my mates got mine ,the buggers not brought them back,

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