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Thread: Scope for a foxing rig advice please?

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    Scope for a foxing rig advice please?

    Hi chaps,
    I have a Savage model 110 in 22-250 which is on a shared condition with the owner that has a Hawke Reflex 44mm scope on which, at best, is pants!! I've said I'll fund another scope for it but am not sure what to get based on the following criteria?

    Ideally needs to be under 100 quid, so 2nd hand not an issue
    Decent low light performance but may not be essential due to the next point!
    Will be mostly used with a Gen 3 add on so may need side parralax adjustment
    Not sure if fixed or variable would be best
    25mm tube not sure if 50mm scope would miss barrel so 40mm might be needed on the existing Savage mounts

    I also have access to a yukon NVRS-F which may be ok on charlie with a doubler but not sure if it's up to continual recoil of a CF? Any experience of one?

    Anything else you suggest will be taken on board,


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    I'd say a fixed 8 x 56 but that may be a little out of your budget for a good quality one , the simmons whiteatil classics scopes are rally good value I've got the 3.5 -10 x50 on my rimfire but they're plenty centrefire capable but sadly no side parallax
    to be honest there la not a great deal available in that price range for side parallax but I'd definately recommend a simmons for that money
    atb Jim
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    You just missed out on a Nikko sterling I had on here 60

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    If there's a likelihood that an NV add-on might be used, then be aware that some models with illuminated reticles have a nasty lump right in the wrong place, making it impossible to slide anything over the eyepiece. The Swaro Z6i is a good example, albeit one that is somewhat over your budget!

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    2nd hand Bushnell elite 10x40 surprisingly good under the lamp

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    You will need parrallax adjustment for NV, normally you get that on variable scopes over 15X, good luck, cheers

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    Hi stratts, I have a doctor 8x56 perfect for lamping but it will be a bit more than 100 unfortunately
    regards jab

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    I currently use an mtc mamba on all of my rifles,i find theyre excellent scopes for the money,they all have illuminated ret,which doesn't get in the way of my nv add on,you can also remove the IR rheostat with two small screws if need be,maybe something to consider,although they aren't everyones choice..........DAZ

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    Stratts - given your criteria a second hand MTC Viper or Mamba is about all your going to get. A newer Hawke may also be an option (glass has improved no end) - the varmint range seem very reasonable
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    Ok guys thanks any experience of the Yukon NVRS-F gen 1 NV scope? It would be nice to use the gen 3 as an out and out spotter then plug em with the NV already on!!

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