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    Hi all,

    Please tell me that i am not the only one with ground that is sometimes very frustrating now i do not want to sound like a whinger and i realise that i am very lucky with my stalking as i do not pay for any of it
    The red deer come and go here abouts and the weather recently has brought alot of deer off the moors and onto my ground Great you may think but i can only describe the stalking as challenging
    We have some small hills here in Devon not the same as what i stalked when i went to Scotland but the difference being that ours all seem to be shaped like beach balls
    I keep seeing the deer , mainly just their ears getting a safe shot is almost impossible , no long range shots are possible unless you can shoot 500 yards plus , high seats are no good and the deer only venture to the more fertile lower fields during the hours of darkness. I did manage a nice prickett on Friday morning before the herd decided to move away, good stalk, good shot and the beast died quickly, great weather so cant really complain.
    Any way grumble over and it mainly has only really come about due to a normally very relaxed landowner complaining about more deer on his land than sheep And my inability to outwit two pricketts that messed me around for two hours this evening, it would have been especially nice to pass one onto the landowner 8)
    I love stalking,deer and all the ups and downs that comes with it/them.



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    I went onto a pals estate onto ground that I wasn't used to. It was in Caithness, and flat as a witches t1t. I tried 3 stalks and couldn't get close, about 4 to 5 hundred yards.

    I then sat down for 30 minutes and took a good look at the ground. Three hours later I had 2 reds for my problems.

    I have been on since and it is a bit of an experience being on your hands and knees at 1200 metres. Got all the way in to 120 yards for a shot.

    Patience and skill is required Cervushunter

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    Your having the same fun with the Deer as I'm having with the Ducks and Geese, the only difference is you got one (Pricket) and I didn't
    even fire a shot , they kept flying past and wouldn't answer the call,
    or come to the deeks


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    1200 metres. Got all the way in to 120 yards for a shot.

    Thats only 3 foot and 10 millimeters different


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    Keep at it, you will figure out a technique that works although patience will be your best ally.

    I stalk a big chunk of (lovely) ground that has very few deer on it so end up with more blank days than successfull days and if it wasn't for my dog and his sneck-end I'd go home empty handed even more often.....I carry photos to remind me what I'm looking for!


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    Just don't sweat it. In my personal experience there are more blank days than successful ones. I reckon a mathematician could knock up a formula to calculate the likelihood of success for any given outing factoring in:

    Stalking skill
    Deer density
    Stalking frequency

    You can be the best stalker that ever walked the planet, but if the deer aren't there, or in low numbers your likelihood of success is low. Still, it's a tad annoying logging on to SD to read the smug-git posts "and here's a photo of the five I shot earlier today...."

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