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Thread: Aldi 20 by 60 x 60 Spotting scope

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    Aldi 20 by 60 x 60 Spotting scope

    Picked one up today, if all you want is for a spot scope to zero this thing is the business for 25 ive no clue how they managed it so cheap. Plenty in A4 Reading store

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    I bought one of these last time round and it was so blurred in the contrast that I couldnt see .243 holes at 100m on white paper with it at any magnification. Either they have improved them or I had a duff one so took it back for a refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dakaras View Post
    for 25 ive no clue how they managed it so cheap.

    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post blurred in the contrast that i couldnt see .243 holes at 100m on white paper with it at any magnification.

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    Aldi stuff is usually punches way above it's weight, so I went to pick one up today. I had my doubts, how could the sell something like that for 25? So I asked if I could have a look through one. It weighed less than the box it came in (well almost!) and I couldn't get a sharp image on the shop sign <100m away at 20x zoom, let alone see something the size of a bullet hole! It was like looking through a glass of dishwater and field of view was laughable.

    Needless to say, even at 25 I would have felt ripped off.

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    I picked one too and was pleasantly surprised.

    ok the glass is not crystal and can get blurred, but I was still able to read signs at 100m and 250m on electricity poles in our front field. Also was able to read our neighbours house sign at circa 400m. I was also able to see the nail tops on the electricity sign at 100m.

    i brought one for getting loads right at 300m range, hoping I can make out bullet holes at that range but I might be pushing it! If not it'll end up in the little ones hands to look at wildlife.

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    Well just taken it out and whilst you have to faff around a bit I could pick out the holes from the .17 at 100m ok.

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    I picked one up and thought I'd been done but the focus knob (discretely placed) needed a twiddle and all was fine. Could pick out blade tips on the grass easily enough at 55 metres and the moss on ridge tiles at 100 metres so holes in paper aren't going to be an issue.

    Seems absolutely fine during the daytime and I'm not grumbling for 25.

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    Not bad for the money but my boy bought it for me for fathers day.

    I find it best to set mag to minimum first and focus, then zoom in and you only have minimal amount of focusing to do.

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    I purchased one 2 yrs ago, and they were 24.95. after 4 weeks on the shelf they reduced them to 19.95 so I had to have one.
    use mine mainly for zeroing, and I got to say its crystal clear, but you do need to flaff around with the focusing.

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