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Thread: .30 Atec maxim for Blaser

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    .30 Atec maxim for Blaser

    Hi all. Ok the plan is one moderator for 3 calibers. 22-250, 243 and 308. What are your thoughts on a 30 cal Atec Maxim to do the job on a Blaser R8 Pro?
    I've got the gun so please don't try and talk me out of Blaser ownership. I'm just planning on the 250 barrel next.
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    Done the same thing with one on my sauers. maxim on 22-250, 6.5x55 and .308w. does the job nicely. I hav now got a additional cmm4 for the .22-250 but can't tell the difference in noise level enough to worry about. Also have a cmm4 to fit the other 2 in .30 so reducing eight even further.
    I'm sure you'll be happy with the maxim.

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    Cheers Woodmaster, thanks for the swift reply. Thats just what I was wanting to hear.

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    I have an A-TEC Maxim with an extra chamber on .222 and 243 and an A-TEC Maxim with two extra chambers for use on my .308 and 30-06.
    The extra chambers aren't really necessary but as I had them cheap it was silly of me not to use them.

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    I have the Maxim on my R8 Pro and find it does not effect the balance of the rifle and the noise level is good too.
    I think its a good choice.

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    So am I right in thinking that using a .30 mod on a 22-250 barrel I will lose no accuracy? I can live with it being not quite as suppressed. Is there any benefit to having a dedicated caliber specific mod, accuracy wise? I know the quality of the maxim is up to scratch. I have one on my Sako .243. All I'm trying to do is save a bit of hard earned and use the same mod on all 3 Blaser barrels.
    Thanks folks.

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    I have had one on my R8 30.06 for a season and top notch. Actually very nice balance with
    bipod and scope

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    Won't effect accuracy at all. May alter POI from another type/brand of mod but group size/accuracy should be the same.

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    Use Maxims on .233 and .270 R93's Great Moddy. I added two additional baffles on the .270 with no effect on POI.

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    Thank you, appreciate the advice...

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