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Thread: Bullet Puller or Collet Bullet Pulling Die

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    Bullet Puller or Collet Bullet Pulling Die

    Just broken my Inertia Hammer - possibly through overuse! ( It was a cheap one anyway! )
    Does anybody have a used one or a Collet Bullet pulling die please?

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    Email rcbs and tell them it's broken, they'll send a new one foc

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    What a good idea!
    Unfortunately it was a cheap Chinese one and I don't think they would be too impressed! - good idea though

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    Ive an rcbs kinnetic hammer 18 posted.


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    Thanks Nutty - I'm still undecided which way to go at the moment (die or hammer) Would that be the one with the green 'plastic' handle?

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    Persoanlly, after I gave up with hammers and went to collet I wouldn't dream of going back.......

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    Yes it id edchef. Ive both collets for it and its 8 months old.


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