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Thread: 270 cal bullet heads (hunting)

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    270 cal bullet heads (hunting)

    Hi guys

    I am having difficulty finding specific 130 grn bullet heads ( 270 cal ) in the South Wales area and wondered if anybody had a box they were willing to sell, I was preferably looking for either Hornady interlocks or Nosler partitions as these seem to be the most frequently recommended.

    many thanks.

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    Do you ever get up to Bedfordshire? I have about 300 Winchester 130gn power point bullet heads which I would be willing to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Webley Boy View Post

    Do you ever get up to Bedfordshire? I have about 300 Winchester 130gn power point bullet heads which I would be willing to sell.

    Unfortunately I don't but thanks for the offer, the restrictions of posting expanding bullet heads makes transactions like this needlessly difficult in my opinion.

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    Do Sportsman not have anything? I will see what Brock and Norris have next time I'm up there and pick some up as I'm a halfway house at least then. In the meantime I have some Sierra Gameking 140gr that would keep you going. I will ask a fellow 270 shooter whether he has anything spare as well. PM me if you like and we'll see how far apart we are
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    I have 172 Winchester 130gn Power Points that I would like to sell as I no longer have a 270.
    I reckon 30 would encourage me to part with them.
    I see from your avator that you live in south Wales, do you ever get to Severnside ranges ?

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    This thread is what the site is about, offers of help, and cheap prices as well, deerwarden

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    Hi guys, many thanks for your replies.... I have spoken to Keens Gunshop again today (near Bridgend) and apparently they are getting in some 130gn Hornady interlocks during next week now, I think I will take a trip down to pick some up as these in particular are one of the bullets that I was looking for.

    I would very much like to thank all who took the trouble to reply.

    many thanks guys.

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    Oh well, I've dug mine out now so if Paul is now sorted but anybody else wants any, get in touch because they are now out and counted ready for anybody that either lives handy to me or can arrange collection.
    Failing that they make good fishing weights !!

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