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Thread: Zeroing .243

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    Zeroing .243

    Good Evening everyone.

    Just after some advice about Zeroing 100gr .243 rounds for Deer. Do you just zero smack on at 100yds or inch high at 100yds?
    any advice or tips would be great.

    Many thanks

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    if everything you shoot is larger than an orange ,it wont matter if its dead on or over just,what will matter is if you know what the bullets going to do ie it going to high or too low , thats why you should practise different ranges,so zero at 100 , dont forget most of what you shoot will be closer or max 175yds use the rifle get used to it then experiment further,atb doug,

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    Don't waste point-blank range!

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    Zero where you like , learn your bullets path ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    My take on this is slightly different.
    Get a ballistic program or use one of the free ones.
    Enter your ammo and sight height data into it and look at the trajectory graph or data list that comes out.
    You will see from that if you zero at 100yds the bullet path is starting well below zero climbing to zero at 100yds and depending upon your ammo. may continue to rise just above zero before dropping back through zero shortly after and dropping quickly out of your scope picture.
    If you use the same ammo. data and zero at say 1" high at 100yds then your bullet path will be rising up through zero at 30 to 50yds and continue rising to 1" above zero at 100yds. It may continue to rise for a short distance but will then drop off and go down through zero at around 150 to 160yds and be 1" below at 180yds.
    The benefit of zeroing at 1" above zero at 100yds is that anything you put your crosshairs on at between 25 and 180yds will ensure the bullet placement will be will be 1" below to 1" above your aim point.
    That is the theory in practice you need to take your and your rifle's ability into account as well.
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    or buy a Z6I with BT and zero as OG says but but then you just have a choice of 3 more fast points at a twist to click on to be dead on at say 2/3/4 h- yds . my other scopes are 100 zero but again as others state know your bullet drops at the max range you will engage you targets. i use a 60" buy 18" board, i put wall liner paper on it then draw a center line and my zero aiming mark like BIG "T" then shoot at 100 test zero ,then move back shoot three more, move back do the same,until i reach my max range, then as i have a center line and i have marked out an inch scale on it before shooting, i can easy read off my drops for hold over without keep going back to the target to see my bullet poi's, once i'v done this i then do it once more to confirm. ps i also chrono at the 100yrd and this info is added to target for future use load, Bullet, BC,powder charge etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Get a target turret, zero at 100, dial to where they stand.
    that what i do, it works. In woodland stalk on 100 zero, in the fields hunt on 3 or 4 clicks up (180 zero), doesnt take a second to dial back to zerostop and wind up again.

    175 yards is way to close, they hear the safety come off if you get that close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalua View Post
    Don't waste point-blank range!
    +1 or time trying to work out what to do....



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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Not on a decent rifle they won't ............................... they might do on the lesser ones of course .
    My cheap plastic stocked one accounts for a few.....
    I dial my scope between 4/5 clicks up for the foxes and back down for my high seat....
    However for the Fallow out over 200 + it is left on the longer range setting...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim.243 View Post
    My cheap plastic stocked one accounts for a few.....
    I dial my scope between 4/5 clicks up for the foxes and back down for my high seat....
    However for the Fallow out over 200 + it is left on the longer range setting...

    Hmmm have not come across a plastic stocked safety before .......................... bit excessive is it not?

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