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Thread: Call out to a miss

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    Call out to a miss

    Last night at about half time during the England game I got a call from a deer manager who's client had shot a muntjac and they couldn't find the carcass, we discussed the shot and reaction the deer had made and the fact he could not find any blood,hair,bone at the shot site, we both came to the conclusion that it was a miss but I would come and look in the morning to be apsalutely sure and had it been lightly wounded the chances of a recovery are much better left over night.
    with the shot site being marked and the position of the shooter known I left the dog in the car and went to inspect the site, I cound not find anything not even where the bullet may have entred the ground due to very long grass, checked the undergrowth where the muntie entred the wood for any singhs"nothing" got the dog out to see if she could find any
    thing Singh of where the buck may have been hit, again nothing.

    I must start puttin shot bullets into my tea defuses

    I can say hand on heart that I am 99% sure that this was a miss.

    myself and others tracking teams are always very willing to come and check if you have any dought, sometimes deer are hit and will run off as if there not and not leaving much at the shot site.

    It also pleases that more people are picking up the phone even if they think they or there client has missed, it's good for deer welfare and shows respect.


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    at least the stalker called and you responded well done to you both ,doug,

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    A miss is never really a miss untill you have exhausted all aspects of the shot and shot reaction .. Then called in a team who has a trained dog for such incidents to help proove it
    but the main thing is you got the call ... That's where I counts
    well done to all..respect for making that call

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