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Thread: rifle bolt fluting ???

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    rifle bolt fluting ???

    Hi Guys

    I Pick up my new rifle the end of the month, its a howa 1500 243 does anyone know of anyone (or it can be done) that can put that fancy spirel fluting on the bolt ????



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    Dave Wylde at Valkyrie rifles . Hes your man for that.
    Atb mate Steve

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    I'm sure Mike Norris will do that sort of thing (and he's closer to you - no issue with Valkyrie at all)
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    I'd use Baldie at Valkyrie or neil mckillop, both have a good reputation for this type of work, examples can be seen in precision riflesmiths showcase on UKV forum, send your bolt to mike norris and you might not see it for 6 months (local experience) Mind you, he can turn a 400 howa into a 1500 howa so it might work out ok, in the end..

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    Why weaken the bolt by cutting grooves in it? -- It's a pressure bearing component so surely you need to have the rifle re-proofed after having it done. It was designed as a plain shaft & that's the way it should stay IMHO.
    If it's a new rifle you will get no warranty cover from the manufacturer or distributor if you ever need it. -
    A fluted bolt may look pretty. But it won't shoot any better & may be difficult to sell.


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    Why would fluting the bolt weaken it, the locking lugs are at the front ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Why would fluting the bolt weaken it, the locking lugs are at the front ?

    That makes no difference as in the laws eyes you have removed material and they make no distinction a bolt is a bolt unless it has a detachable bolt head. I find it amusing that the trade wants threaded muzzle re-proofed yet a fluted bolt naaaaaaaaaaw ................. that's OK.

    Now if fluting bolt becomes more of a fad them just watch them jump on it for more revenue .

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    whats the point in the fluting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    whats the point in the fluting?
    I was always under the impression it helped in clearing debris from the bolt in dusty conditions (not likely in this country recently) oh! and it looks cool as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    whats the point in the fluting?
    Cos it look prruuudy.
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