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Thread: R93 .243 wanted

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    R93 .243 wanted

    Anyone selling?

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    Glogin had his for sale a week or two ago not sure if it's still up or not?
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Bushwear had them on a huge discount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Bushwear had them on a huge discount.
    Not really, 100 off for marked demo rifles, no deal to be had either

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    30% off but some time ago. They have 3 on their rack at Stirling.
    Ask Stevie.

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    Spoke to them yesterday, 2200 for marked rifle and mount (they dont have ring size i want either), hardly a bargain..

    i know what the trade has, just looking for something private to snot foxes with.

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    If you don't ask for Stevie you get a junior sales person who has no autority to discount.

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    I was put through to "the boss", no deal to
    be had. Obviously a scottish thing!

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    would consider component parts, stock, bolt, mounts...

    or perhaps a 22-250

    need a truck gun

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    No longer required.

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