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Thread: Help needed with letter i have to write to get some stalking

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    Help needed with letter i have to write to get some stalking


    It's a possibility that l might be able to get some stalking on a very large estate. Up till now the deer management has been undertaken by an aged keeper (who has done a very good job) but recently they have seen the explosion of CWD/Muntjac/Roe populations which he simply cannot cope with. I have offered my help, and the use of my equipment (seats/mobile seats/chiller etc.) and he is happy for me to take-part but,......he would like a letter to present to his new boss (lady) who needs to be convinced that these animal numbers need to be tended too. Whilst she is happy for him to stalk (and in his later years has been more for the pot than to manage) she needs to read a convincing argument that we need to take charge, and make some drastic number reductions. Incidentally last week l drove around with him and in one field we counted 6 CWD, then in one of the main woods at dusk we spotted 2 Muntjac and several Roe (4-5 couldn't quite tell as they were bobbing in and out of the cover).

    I could do with some clear information to draw from, obviously líll be trawling the BDS site, but if any knows of and damage reports (i.e. like that which has the Scottish FC putting 1000's of yards of fences up currently for deer) even if it only for me to read and quote from it would be appreciated. I could also use some information on population numbers and predicted growth of different species?

    As l say any information would be a great help,


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    Stalking letter

    See PM


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    Why not try writing a deer management plan? Download a template from the Deer initiative website and fill in the gaps..... simples

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