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Thread: i need a beer!!!

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    i need a beer!!!

    Hi All

    Had a busy day today. Went to the new permission around 6pm to put my molasses oats mix out. Thought I would drive the lane to see if the local poacher was 'working' tonight...
    No poacher but saw 8 fallow standing at the dinner table waiting!!
    Anyway put out the feed and walk 200 yards around a corner 2 more fallow in the spotlight. looks like this mix might be working.
    Then the phone rings sussex police a deer collision off i go . on the way phone goes kent police deer collision!!
    Back to the farm walking towards field up pops charlie surefire torch and 17 in hand. Bang charlies down

    Back home now i need a beer!!!

    ATB Steve

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    Recon your too busy Steve and could do with a hand from an old pal for the weekend

    ATB mate


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    if your down this way Terry you are welcome mate!!


  4. #4 least the feeders coming in was good news...and the fox!
    Sorry to hear about the collisions...hope it got sorted ok.

    Beers on me next time chaps, Craig
    (blagged a case of 24 bottles of Cobra off my local takeaway waiter for 15...cheaper than fizzy water! )

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    So what's the recipe for the molasses/oats mix - anything complicated?

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