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Thread: Stalking.... How much gear do you carry?

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    Stalking.... How much gear do you carry?

    Hi guys

    I would be interested to know how many stalkers on here venture out without either sticks or a bipod and just use a scoped rifle with a moderator attached, I would think that this minimalistic old school approach would probably only be used by the minority of stalkers these days.

    Many thanks.
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    thats me to a tee, simply because i can ,plus i dont posess any,

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    Open sighted, un moderated marlin underlever, eka switchblade, random length of paracord and binos. What else is needed ? Oh, ammo.
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    I've been so unsuccessful over the last 12 months I leave most my kit in the car and just carry a knife and disposable gloves on the off chance I actually see a deer let alone get a chance to shoot one. Not sure what is going on but my permissions have all but dried up!

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    four outings on my own ,seen no fox/badgers/or deer,only bunnies upside ive a freezer full of bunnies!

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    You must carry what is needed !! Ask BDS and BASC

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    You must carry what is needed !! Ask BDS and BASC
    Lol, but +1

    If you can shoot well without support then why bother taking any. For putting a carcass into the food chain there are minimum standard requirement to be met with regards to hygiene so additional kit may be required depending on ground/species. I won't mention health and safety.
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    I carry my shooting sticks, rifle, mod, spare ammo, range finder, gloves and knife. The rest of the kit is left in the car as I feel bulked out enough going through the fields and climbing 5 bar gates.

    I'm toying with taking my .22lr out with me as well as I see other quarry that's not worth taking with the .243 but could do with tidying up whilst out and about. Just need to figure out how to carry two rifles and the gear safely and without looking like Rambo.

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    Rifle, ammo, binos, knife... plus a few clothes on, I suppose

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    if in the high seat small pack with hot drink/ food warm gloves etc, walking bum bag gloves two knifes small water bottle phone and drag rope oh and three fast food packs/bars

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