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Thread: Security boxes for stealth cameras

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    Security boxes for stealth cameras

    Anyone make security boxes for stealth cameras, or know where they can be purchased from ?<br>I use the Little Acorn and Aldi cameras and while I haven't had any stolen yet, I would like to know they are safe when I leave them.&nbsp;<br><br>Cheers<br><br>P

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    Try Wildlife Countryside Services They have accessories for the Ltl acorn, including security boxes for 50 inc p&p

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    more money to lose IMO
    if they want it they will take it
    either hide them well or buy cheaper and take loss on chin

    the FC have some serious boxes and they still get smashed open!

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    I paid about 21 each for mine and they do the job if you bolt them to a tree.

    You then need a decent padlock to secure the camera inside

    Try Coshinegroup on Amazon selling at 21.99 or Pakatak Ltd for 22.99

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    Thanks gents.

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    You might be better putting a tag on it saying that these images are uploaded to the internet and a GPS tracker has been fitted.

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