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Thread: Optilock ring screws - M3.5 x 7.5mm ???

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    Optilock ring screws - M3.5 x 7.5mm ???


    Am I correct in thinking the optilock screws holding the half shell rings in place
    are M3.5 x7.5mm?

    Second hand rings I picked up have 2 slightly rounded cap heads and I'd like to replace them, just double checking sizes if anyone can confirm?

    Ta, Rb

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    As far as I know they are M3.5 however the heads are smaller than standard. When looking for replacements check the head dimensions.

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    Thanks edi,
    I'll get the vernier out and check before buying replacements, prob need to machine down standard cap heads no doubt.
    Nothing is ever straight forward eh ?

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    I thought I had seen some on e##y under optilocks 4 for 14 a bit pricey but if you need them then it's a must hope it helps

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    I've found a few places selling direct replacement screws but I'm thinking of going down a harder material route as the supplied ones are hellish soft ( even with 15 inch pounds Max torque force applied)

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    Hi Rigboot,

    I've been waiting ages for Grampian Fastners to get some back in, if you can let me know where you have found some that would be great as I have promised some bases to another member on here.

    cheers Mick

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    There are some at bushwear & eBay so far.
    Recknagel also appear to do a slot head screw in same dimension too
    Hope that helps

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    I also think just about any other sourced M3.5 will be of better quality. Only advantage of the original is that they are easy to drill out.... or at least drill the heads off after the alan heads are stripped.

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    been told that hobby shops keep them but not a def answer need to search on net or call one up, i'v just done one of mine even with a wheeler scope tool at 15 inch fb ahhhh first time ever, soft **** screws. i am trying to find hex heads now so if anyone finds a replacement can they put it up for all to see.

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    Saw a similar thread on here a short while ago. Contact the Shooting Shed and they will sort.


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