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Thread: Guess the score of this, and also win!

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    Guess the score of this, and also win!

    I think woodmaster's thread about guessing the score of his head is a very good idea.

    So following on from that, I have a head that I shot in early April and I've been eagerly awaiting the CLA game fair so I can get it measured. I'm more than curious about the score, so it would be great to hear what other people think.

    To keep it fair and have a bit of incentive, I will match woodmasters offer of donating towards the SD bursary scheme, or your own pocket if you are the nearest to the official score. I will make the prize an even £10.

    I think if there is more than one winner, to save myself from bankruptcy, I will limit the prize to £20 to the bursary scheme!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    146 nice head (I'm a very optimistic stalker)

    but it when sober I think 132.5
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